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EVATAC Combat Dagger

EVATAC Combat Dagger

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The Evatac Double Edged Dagger does not shy away from the spotlight.

Crafted by our team of experts for a refined fixed, double edged blade and symmetrical finish.

Featuring a Palm Swell Grip design to maintain a neutral grip whilst wielding the dagger. Leveraging a unique rubber coating for extended comfort and usability.

Combined with a 600d Sheath and belt buckle for an seamless everyday carry experience.

The ultra sharp double edged blade is built to be the ultimate defense weapon.

Key Features:

  • 4.7" Powder Coated Blade
  • Symmetrical Double Edged Blade
  • Dangerously Sharp out of the box
  • Ultra-Wide Double Guarded Handle
  • Bonus 600d Seamless Carry Sheath


Blade: 1/8"

Color: Matte Black

Blade Length: 4.7"

Overall Length: 9"

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