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Strikepen Black™

Strikepen Black™

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Lightweight, powerful, and deadly! This self-defense tactical pen is the perfect every-day carry. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum with precision milling, this tactical pen can be a lifesaver during an attack while still performing as a "regular" pen.

Featuring a solid alloy construction that is both stainless and rust-proof, this functional pen is discreet with a powerful knockout ability. Includes: a ballpoint pen, tungsten steel striker/glassbreaker, LED flashlight, batteries, and replacement ink, as well as TWO BONUS tools: a knife and a stainless multi-tool with bottle opener, hex wrench, blade, and flat head screwdriver.


Materials: precision-milled alloy body & Tungsten steel striker
Color: Black
Functions: A functional pen that doubles as a self-defense weapon and emergency glass-breaker. It includes a bright LED emitter and 2 x interchangeable tools!

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