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Bridgeman 6 Segment Live-Action Lure (Bundle)

Bridgeman 6 Segment Live-Action Lure (Bundle)

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Designed with total functionality in mind. This is a bundle 6 segment multi-jointed. This fishing lure will sink slowly and move just like a real fish in the water. Additionally the life-like swimming action will trick many predator fish which will lead to more catches than a regular lure.

With highly realistic 3D eyes and a super pearl powder coated realistic scales you know this lure is just like the real thing. With an appearance this vivid it will comes as no surprise with how often this lure will trick fish. It really is the perfect fish bait.

Constructed from a high quality ABS hard body material and equipped with a built-in rattle, this lure continuously emits a sound wave that the fish are attracted to. You can bet this will provoke most fish to attack the lure and for you to get a solid bite.

*Does not come with plastic case!


Material: ABS Hard Body, Rattle and Hooks
Length: 5.5in
Weight: 0.88oz

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