Inside of February's Tactical Box

Inside of February's Tactical Box

Hows it going Tactical Box comrade? As an outdoors person and survival gear enthusiast, I've had the opportunity to explore, test, and rely on February’s Tactical Box. Each box, from Basic to Ultimate, offers a unique set of tools and gear designed to enhance outdoor experiences, improve survival skills, and ensure preparedness for any situation. Let me take you through my journey with these boxes, detailing not just what's inside, but how each item is used in their unique ways. 

BASIC BOX - (Total Value: $295)

Shark Karambit Knife - $49.95

Fighting any sharks soon? No? Even if not this shark karambit knife is something to pack for your outdoor adventures. When I first used it I felt weird about its shape and feel but with its distinctive curved blade, this knife offers unmatched precision and efficiency in cutting. Its compact design makes it easy to carry, while the safety ring provides control and versatility. It's a tool that's as practical as it is humorous in its design.

Fishing Bait - $79.95

Food is crucial to survival. Each bait, carefully chosen for its appeal to a wide range of fish, has not only enhanced my catch rate but also taught me the intricacies of bait fishing.

And we all know how hard it can be to lure in fish with just dull and boring fishing bait. The bait that comes with February’s Tactical Box, often mimics the appearance and scent of real prey, making them irresistible to fish. They come in various colors and styles to suit different fishing conditions and types of fish.

Survival Bracelet - $24.95

With its stylish weaving and eye catching appearance the survival bracelet is the perfect mini survival kit on your arm. While wearing it, I felt a sense of security knowing I have essential survival tools literally on hand. For people like me who always loses sense of his direction, the compass on the survival bracelet comes in handy. And that's only the start of it. 

The survival bracelet comes with a whistle which is audible to as far as 500 meters, fire starter, and a mini blade perfect for cutting through small objects. The survival bracelet is a mere assurance of safety.

Gun Cleaning Mat - $44.95

For the shooters out there, I want to talk about this gun cleaning mat. This mat not only stands out for its sturdy build but also its durable material that resists oil and solvents, which makes it easy to clean after each use. It includes a detailed diagram and parts list directly on the mat itself which is useful, offering a quick reference that helps with the disassembly and reassembly process.

The size of this gun mat is another feature worth mentioning. It's spacious enough to lay out all the parts of my gun without overcrowding, and it also rolls up compactly for easy storage. I've been more organized than ever with this gun cleaning mat.

Pill Organizer - $39.95

When I first received the pill organizer I thought I wouldnt have used it but man was I wrong. I use it as a mini first aid bag to put in essential survival items for my outdoor adventures.

RFID Box - $54.95

If you’re anything like me and you easily lose your keys or personal belongings then the RFID box should definitely be in your favor. In this box, my belongings are invisible to the potential risk of digital pickpockets, making me feel a sense of security that goes beyond the physical.

PRO BOX - (Total Value: $495) 

Get everything in the Basic Box + Emergency Fire Blanket, Solar LED Flashlight, and Trunk Organizer.

The Emergency Fire Blanket - $59.95

Among the items I've received in my February tactical box, this fire blanket holds a special place in my heart. It’s designed to put out fires, this emergency fire blanket is made out of premium fiberglass and fire retardant film which is useful for putting out fires while camping, at home, or even in your car.

Recently I misjudged the distance between my campfire and tent, and a stray spark caught on some dry leaves which caused my tent to go on fire. I initially panicked but then this fire blanket, which I had tucked away for emergency purposes saved the day!

Trunk Organizer - $49.95

Yes, it's in the name. I used it either as a trunk organizer or anywhere that requires organizing! Some might call it a miniature closet in the back of your car.

 It's perfect for arrangement because of its adjustable dividers to customize space according to needs, and durable construction for long-term use. I didn’t have to worry about the trunk organizer taking up space if I didn’t use it because it offers a collapsible design for convenient storage when not in use. 

Solar LED Flashlight - $89.95

ONE WORD! RELIABLE! Most flashlights these days break easy and give out with the slightest force. This Solar LED Flashlight is the Toyota of flashlights. Not only is it dependable, it's solar powered which allowed me to take it anywhere without having to worry about its charge or battery life. It also serves as a charging hub for my electronic devices with its usb ports! 

ULTIMATE BOX - (Total Value: $665)

Receive everything in the Basic Box + Pro box + Mini Chainsaw

Mini Chainsaw - $169.95

When I first added a mini chainsaw to my outdoor gear, I was skeptical about its practicality. Lightweight and easy to handle, it allowed me to clear a path through dense branches with surprising ease. Cutting through thick branches for firewood or clearing obstructed trails was no longer a task but an entertainment. Its battery-operated design meant I could use it remotely which was the best feature. 

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