425 forest fires? Dangerous air now. Here is how to protect your self!

425 forest fires? Dangerous air now. Here is how to protect your self!

As forest fires sweep across the northern hemisphere, even if you’re far from the flames, the smoke spreading around the world impacts you (and those you love) at invisible, epic levels. And it’s not just dangerous smoke - it’s microscopic pollutants and the charred chemicals, released from inside burned materials (sadly that’s not just trees - it’s homes, plastics, building materials, and toxins of all kinds). Here are some key steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.

1. Stay inside. Keep all the windows and doors shut. Normally getting outside in the fresh air is better for you, but the air quality is so bad it is dirtying your genes, setting off a cascade of events. So stay inside whenever possible.

2. If you’re driving, keep your air conditioner recirculation on and your windows up.

3. Stay hydrated. You need to do this to support the function of your liver.

4. Use a neti pot. If you don’t have one, snort water in and out of your nose to clear it. Fine particulate matter that gets suspended in the air from these fires doesn’t just go away overnight - it can stay suspended in your air for weeks or months, leading to allergies, asthma, and compromised health on every level.

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